GROWL is Noterdaeme's sly adaptation of Allen Ginsberg's HOWL. Premiered in October 2014 at a live reading at DIXON Place in NYC, GROWL transplants Ginsberg's legendary poem from the Fifties into gentrified New York City of the 21st Century.  

In March 2015, The British online magazine Berfrois published GROWL along with an introduction to the poem, written by the author.

Since then, Noterdaeme has expanded the project and adapted all 11poems included in the beat poet's first publication, Howl and Other Poems.

The wonder of the thing is not that Noterdaeme has found a fellowship with Ginsberg, but that he, from the very depths, seems to have illuminated the terminus of the Whitmanic line.
–Lisa Jarnot

I fervently admire Filip Noterdaeme’s nomadic provocations, his pungent iconoclasm, his Duchampian refusals and backflips. Growl applies topical intellectual ointment exactly where the wounds are; we find ourselves salved by his fugitive shenanigans and rigorous coquetries. May the Noterdaeme carnival keep touring the world and entertaining all readers hungry for high-wire manifestos!
–Wayne Koestenbaum

Filip Noterdaeme has done it again! Clearly he will leave no tome unturned in his quest to reignite the passionate power of art. Total appropriation can only lead to revolution in the hands of someone so fearless and reckless!
–Penny Arcade